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Our Lavender Scented Hearts are the perfect addition to your home. Filled with English lavender and flaxseed, these soft velvet hearts have a soothing scent that will help relax and calm you. Hang them in your wardrobe to deter moths, or place them on your pillow to help you drift off into a peaceful sleep. With the aromatherapy benefits of lavender, our Lavender Scented Hearts are the perfect addition to your home fragrance collection.


Available in 6 designs: Luminaries Garden has grey tones with hints of a coppery gold and ivory. Midnight Garden has rich dark blues, teal and green, Mimosa Oiseau featuring a yellow bird in a mimosa tree, Mimosa Bleu in turquoise and royal blue, Mimosa Rosa in pink, yellow and green and lastly Dumosa Bleu in dark blues and copper. All have a ribbon and a tassel that compliments the colours of the heart.

Lavender Scented Hearts

  • Size: 13cmm x 13cm

    Soft velvet filled with English lavender from Kent and flaxseed. Attached to a ribbon and finished with a tassel.

  • Standard shipping. Price worked out at basket.

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